Once the new investment project’s cornerstone has been laid, it’s time for another, equally important event – the grand opening.

Just like with the ceremony of laying a cornerstone, a gala or a banquet are usually held for the opening of a newly erected building.
Music, dance or cabaret performers are often invited.
Such events can be divided into an official and un-official part.
The official part usually revolving around the grand opening, ribbon cutting and high-profile speeches. Just like with laying a cornerstone or any conference, the technical solutions are key to the success: the speaker system, the lighting and the crucial multimedia.

All guests will surely want to see the event’s peak moment, the symbolic cutting of the ribbon, however, for technical reasons, this is often impossible. Here’s where a live feed saves the day. All guests can enjoy watching this moment on projectors, LED displays or multimedia walls.
The speeches are given on bespoke stages, built specially for the vent, using adequately prepared visual identification.
The un-official part of the event comprises artistic performances, often by top-tier music stars, enhanced with light shows.