To grow their employees’ skills, every company cyclically holds various training courses, workshops and seminars.

Such events can be organized virtually everywhere. Depending on the number of participants, they may take place in the company’s premises, e.g. in one of the conference rooms. If the company’s conference room proves too small, the event can be held in a fully-fledged conference centre or a hotel.
A central point, from where the trainer or the coach will be easily visible, should be specified. Apart from a speaker system, a truly indispensable element for such events, the room should be also equipped with multimedia. A great solution is to use projectors that can show all the training materials. If you wish to use even more innovative solutions, take a look at seamless LCD or LED screens that can be combined into screen walls of virtually any size.
It sometimes happens that the number of participants is too high to ensure that everyone can easily see the single display. To solve this, we can place additional screens along the venue.