Laying a cornerstone counts among the most ground-breaking moments for any company.
Once a site is selected for the company’s main office, a day comes to start the erection of a new seat, a second production hall or other facilities important for the company’s business.

Such an event is held right before the construction of the new building starts
It may take place in various conditions. When an additional building is being erected next to the existing facilities, the ceremony can be held indoors. Most often, however, such an event is organized on the construction site. A good chance to present the surroundings of the new project, as well.

In such a case, it is necessary to prepare the area accordingly.
The first step is to pave the ground and then to erect a sort of roofing. Tents are a great solution for this job. Depending on the season, either heating or AC will be needed.
Another step in the preparations for the ceremony of laying a cornerstone is securing the adequate technical equipment and solutions.
The stage as the focal point, accompanied by multimedia such as a seamless screen wall or an LED display. Any materials prepared for the ceremony will be presented in amazing quality – especially the main point of the ceremony, namely signing the foundation act and placing it in the cornerstone.
This is rounded up with lighting that adds this unmistakable, one-of-a-kind air, e.g. in cinematic colours.
Obviously, an adequate speaker system must be set up in the venue.

A specially designed scenography is yet another addition to a perfectly executed ceremony. To enhance the looks of the venue, decorations that go hand in hand with the company’s profile can be used.
If you are planning to invite foreign guests to the ceremony, best remember about securing translation services for them. Here is where you will need a system for simultaneous interpreting that meets the highest quality standards.
Let’s not forget about a cloakroom, where the guests can leave their coats.

Everything must be thoughtfully composed and arranged to produce a perfectly cohesive system of elements.