Along with the correct selection of speakers and hosts, a successful conference needs an exhaustive and attractive programme. However, to make sure the content-related part is conveyed efficiently, adequate media have to be used. The equipment we provide are always operated by experienced, professional technicians, meaning that the conference – both its organization and realization is done efficiently and at the highest, professional level.


Each event calls for professional audio-visual setting. Good technical equipment is crucial: first of all, the speaker system in the conference site must be well configured. Clear and intelligible sound comes courtesy of professional loudspeakers, microphones, amplifiers, sound mixers and stands.

If any sort of results, such as research results or statistical data pertaining to the discussed project are presented during a conference, or information about any completed events are shown, it is best to present them to the participants using seamless display walls, LED screens or projectors.

If you are holding an international conference, with the participation of foreign business partners or shareholders, you will need a simultaneous interpreting system so that all speeches can be translated in real time.

Simultaneous interpreting is provided by a team of at least two interpreters working from a special booth.

Thanks to our highly advanced and trusted simultaneous interpreting systems, comprising soundproof booths, highly reliable receivers and conference-grade speaker systems, we can ensure top quality sound that is matched to the meeting’s specific nature.

We offer highly practical multiphones, i.e. conference and discussion systems, thanks to which participants of a conference can take active part in the debate and hear each other’s voice with no interruptions and at high quality.

Conversely, a tour guide system is a great help when showing your guest around the factory or the production hall. The system is comprised of wireless sound receivers integrated with headphones. Very convenient to use and, compared to similar solutions, a great space saver.

Video conference – a practical way of holding remote meetings

Remote work and communication have been gaining popularity recently and are here to stay – and so are all sorts of video conferences. A perfect solution both for businesses and individual users to hold efficient communication across countries and continents.

We not only organize video conferences, but also rent and sell top tier gear for videoconferences, coming from the world’s most renown and trusted brands. We are happy to share our expertise and select the optimal video conference equipment that will best match your specific needs and the site of the event.

Conference table solutions

A popular form of communication, especially when the participants are far away from each other, are systems thanks to which they can feel like sharing the same table. This is, obviously, achievable with highly specialized video conference equipment that we have in our portfolio.

Bespoke video conferences for your particular needs

An adequately fast web connection is, beside advanced video conference, necessary to guarantee fluent and problem-free communication. Since both video and sound will be transferred, the connection should be adequately smooth. If there are many participants, the web connection should have high throughput. We always select the equipment to match your needs and satisfy all expectations. This could mean better quality image at the cost of fluency, or the other way around.

A camera is simply indispensable for any video conference. A professionally organized conference requires every participant, who wishes to be seen, to have their own camera. We recommend panoramic and wide-angle cameras. Before the event starts, make sure no unwanted items are in the camera’s field of view.


Some camera models have built-in microphones. However, if you care about the quality of connection and the comfort of use, and if you want to avoid feedback loops, using a separate microphone or headsets is a great idea.

Summing up, video conference will never fully replace face-to-face meetings. But they can cover most of your goals and are sometimes the only feasible option of having a meeting, mainly due to such benefits:

  • high quality of video and sound in FullHD standard
  • reduced travel costs
  • time savings
  • flexible contact with your business partners
  • organisation of meetings, presentations or discussion panels regardless of location