A magnificent ball can be organized to commemorate a company’s jubilee or the anniversary of founding an association. The guest would include business partners, long-term, loyal clients and employees. Such balls must look and feel the part – the multimedia, the music score, the sound system and lighting, all alike.

The first step is to select the venue, usually followed by agreeing the menu.
Holding a jubilee ball in a hotel is only one of the options. Such an event can be also organized in the company’s premises, provided there is plenty of space.

In such cases, the setting of the venue is the key point. Floral and lighting decorations go a long mile to help highlight the most attractive and interesting features of the venue. Animated graphics of any kind can be projected onto the floor, ceiling or the walls. The façade of the hosting building can be illuminated with architectural lighting. The effect is out of this world, especially in the evening or at night. Leave your guests speechless with the multitude of colours and head-turning attractions!
Theme balls are also enjoying high popularity.