One of the cases where the event’s setting is of paramount importance. A real, full-fledged show is the answer. Several elements, such as the sound, light, special effects and attractions, can be combined to achieve the harmony of a perfect atmosphere.

Imagine a multimedia show of a new product hitting the market

The beginning: a dark room, an item on the stage, covered with a dark curtain, smoke billowing upwards from a generator, music playing in the background, at first quietly … suddenly, beams of light start appearing and a scanner light moves across the draped mystery item, displaying a logo – of the product, the brand or the company. The music has now gained momentum and pace … lasers join the show, along with moving heads that are now the main part of the display. The music even more lively as the curtain drops … and here it is! The long awaited, new product is now visible to all, in the dancing lights, with loud and vibrant music perfectly delivered thanks to our loudspeakers, microphones, mixers and sound processors.

Everything can be observed from the hall’s furthest corners – this is where our top-of-the-line multimedia gear shines: seamless wall, LCD & LED displays, screens.