Are you considering doing something more than just presenting your business during a fair event to help your visitors remember you longer? Indeed, there is often not enough time during a fair event to make a full, lengthy presentation of your products or services.
But there is a way to do it.

Invite your clients to a banquet on the closing night of the fair, or actually at any point during the event. This is how you can show them how much you appreciate them and respect their opinion. Such an event can be organized either on the fair grounds or at a nearby venue in a hotel.
This is also going to be a great way to let your brand enter a closer relationship with your clients.
Specially designed lighting and multimedia during such an event will make it a memorable experience for your guests, one that they will cherish in memory for a long time.
We design and provide lighting effects that will perfectly match the character of any event. The design will not only have a big impact on the venue’s architecture and scenography, but will also be seamlessly integrated as decorations.

The banquet’s lighting can serve as a subdued background, a feature that skilfully underscores the event’s elegance.