Press conference in Volkswagen Poznań – 2014

What is the most important part in organizing a press conference? For us, the provider of equipment, technology and service, the single most important job is to ensure the client and the invited guests and journalists enjoy a press conference without any interruptions so that they can focus, with clear minds, on the content.
This was the task we set for ourselves for the press conference held by Volkswagen Poznań Utility Vehicles in March 2014 for the announcement of the construction of a new production plant in Września.
The scope of service included providing a perfectly set speaker system and lighting, and a construction of a seamless wall for displaying presentations and the participating speakers. Our job was to design and build the stage, the spectator’s area and erecting presentation wall panels for the conference.
We also provided the whole system for simultaneous interpreting, including the booths and receivers.

Scope of service: lighting, speaker system, multimedia, scenography and constructions, simultaneous interpreting, conference space design and construction.
Category: press conference, international conference, simultaneous interpreting, presentation