45th Anniversary Ball for Huta Miedzi Głogów, KGHM – 2016

A star performing live on the stage, two huge projection screens, decorations, lighting and a curtain system, all combined to create an unforgettable scenography.
The lighting extended to the hall’s cupola and the visitor’s area. Wireless LED lamps were placed on tables. Abstract patterns were projected onto the curtains and the ceiling. The hall’s structural elements were illuminated and the entire space was filled with imaginative light effects.
The client’s logo was also displayed in the curtains and the hall’s ceiling.
In total, over 200 lamps were used!

Scope of service: lighting, speaker system, multimedia, scenography and constructions, video recording, making a film from the footage, event design: 3D visualisation and drawings
Category: company event, presentation, speeches, banquet, concert